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I got this recipe when I was a student. I had tiffin delivered everyday to our house. The lady who cooked was a Karonese, she often made this dish and I liked it very much. Sometimes I make this dish when we have gathering, most of my friends love them too... because of  very distinct taste of the ginger torch, well.... it is so peculiar that people like it or hate, a bit like marmite....


100     gr        Medan anchovy, quick fry. Tin tuna is a very good substitute, preferably in oil, drained
                      Teri Medan, goreng sebentar

Sliced ingredients 
Bahan yang dirajang :

    8                Shallots
                      Bawang merah
    2    clove    Garlic 
                      Bawang putih
    3               Red chili
                     Cabe merah
    3               Green chili   
                     Cabe hijau
  10               Eyebird chili, use less chili if you prefer milder taste 
                     Cabe rawit
    2               Torch ginger

Other ingredients
Bahan lainnya

    1              Tomato, peeled and diced
                    Tomat, kupas kulit, potong dadu
    2              Baby leeks or spring onions, cut 2 cm long
                    Daun prei, potong miring 2 cm. 
    1             Corn on the cob, sliced
                   Jagung, disisir
    2    tbsp   Oil for sauteing
                   Minyak goreng untuk menumis
100   ml     Water 
   1    tsp    Sugar
Salt to taste
Garam secukupnya
Oil to saute the anchovy and  sliced ingredients
Minyak untuk menggoreng ikan teri

Cara memasak

  • Saute all the sliced ingredients till fragrant
  • Tumis semua bahan yang dirajang hingga harum
  • Put the slice corn until the colour turn transparent, keep stirring
  • Masukkan sisiran jagung, sampai warnanya berubah agak jernih, sambil terus diaduk
  • Add the sliced leeks and stir occasionally for a few minutes, pour the water
  • Masukkan potongan daun prei, aduk beberapa menit, tambahkan air.
  • Put tomato, sugar and fried anchovy
  • Masukkan tomat, gula dan terakhir teri goreng.
  • Mix well
  • Aduk-aduk sampai tercampur semua
  • Ready to serve
  • Siap disajikan.

The ingredients

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